Cash Registers

State-of-the-art cash registers in East Sussex

Enable high-speed transactions at your commercial space with our quality range at Southern Scales.

Practical and durable cash registers

Everything you display in your shop can create an impression in your customer's mind. Make sure your commercial establishment looks impeccable with our selection. We supply a large range of SAM4S electronic cash registers with a variety of peripheral devices, consumables and programming options. 

From PLU and department setup to customer receipt layout and keyboard layout, we can customise it all to suit your specific requirements. Whether you are looking for a simple, easy-to-operate till or a deluxe touch screen till, we can help. Our range includes:
  • Barcode scanning machines that will allow you to automate your billing procedure
  • Scale-linking that will make selling loose goods a lot easier
  • Machines that will help you display your logo on your registers and receipts
examples cash registers
cash tills

Ensure seamless operations

Old and outdated cash registers can break-down and create an awkward situation at your business. Come to us for modern registers that will never let you down. Our machines are guaranteed so you do not have to worry about their performance. To find out what's on offer, download our catalogue of cash registers.

Do you want to rent cash registers for a short period? We can help. Contact us for more information on our rental services. Additionally, we also supply retail scales, medical scales and industrial scales throughout the UK
Looking for durable and feature-rich cash registers? Contact the team at Southern Scales, East Sussex.

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